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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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hi my name is tony paxton from cleveland heights ohio . was from drimnagh/tallaght .
tony paxton been in cleveland heights a long time ,i am going to dublin in july what should i expect also any good quality singing , and good pubs etc
Dia duit, is mise Tim---my name is Tim--I live in Maine, USA, play the bodhran and low whistle at seisuins and ohter gigs.
Greetings all,
Larry here from the Nashville Celtic band known as Def Leprechaun. I am the "front man" for the group and play banjo and guitar. We would like to plan a fall tour of Ireland but lack the contacts over there to pull it off and think the use of an agent would be helpful at least this time around. Does anyone out there know of honest agents interested in promoting our amped up neo traditional sound around the old sod. Thanks for the help. Check us out at
Hello, I'm Matthew and I have been playing music as long as I can remember. I am often introduced as a singer, since I have a very strong bass voice, and often solo at church, but I also play piano, guitar and fiddle. I studied at a conservatory, but find myself these days playing very little classical music.
Hi, I am a 67 year old grandmother. I spent many years playing classical guitar and teaching it as well. And then on my 50th birthday I was having a midlife (assuming I live to 100) crisis. My husband said "do something you always wanted to do and it wil be over>" I always wanted to play fiddle so I bought a cheap chinese make and proceeded to torture anyone who came near me. I did finally pick up the knack for it and got a much better intsrument and now play in two working bands.
I am putting together a music book for my grand children and am seeking the lyrics and the tune for song I heard long ago called >da Luan Da Mort< about a hunchback who pleases the fairies. Anyone remenber it?
Hi all, we are Leprechaun Water, a Traditional Irish music band from Newquay, Cornwall, UK, Myself, Viv, Bodhran, my son Paddy, Fiddle, Whistle and Tenor Banjo, my son Jamie, Guitar and Tennor Banjo, also on our CD is Sean Bay on Fiddle.
We have been playing together for three years now after a holiday in Dingle Ireland, I was born in Wexford, Paddy is self a taught fiddle player and the founder of our band, you can find us at
My name is François. I am a french man, 61 years old. I play tin and concert flûte. I play some years in a band with irish friends. The group was called "Fianna". I learned many tunes ,35 years ago, in Doolin-Clare. Gussy Russel gave me my first tin and I was very proud to play with him and his two brothers, Miko and Paky.
I am Greg from Erlanger, Ky (south of Cincinnati, Ohio where I was born & raised). I have been screwing around with the fiddle for years but not really serious about it. Too many family issues & long hours at the office make things very frustating. I have a passion for Irish trad music and anything Irish (or celtic). Recently, I have committed to getting more serious about the fiddle and figured talking with others about it would encourage me to get more serious. In my humble opinion, there's nothing like being able to pick up the fiddle and just play anytime, anywhere ... no heavy equipment to haul around to get started, just a corner somewhere to share with friends. I actually met and shook the hand of Winifred Horan from the Irish band Solas. Winifred is an incredible fiddler & more attractive in person than her pictures on the Solas albums portray. Anyway, that's me in short.
I'm Howard Tenke and I play a mean radio. Actually I worked in radio broadcasting for a couple of decades I did at one time play several different percussion instruments (unfortunately the Bohran was not among them) along with Baritone and French Horn but I have not touched an instrument of any kind in about 20 years. I have been toying with the idea of taking up the whistle and my first love the pipes. I live in Raymond, Washington (the state) not far from the Pacific and I hope I can make this group a learning platform for me because when I hit 50 last December I made the decision to start playing something again.

I am a grandmother who played classical guitar for many years and stopped due to a problem with my wrists. My grandfather was a fiddler and so I decided it was time for a change of pace and now have been fiddling for about 15 years.
I got a good fiddle a few years back which made a HUGE difference in my playing.
I am currently in a working band but an thinking of dropping out. My husband plays mintrel banjo (fretless) and bones, bohdran and other rythmic devices. We both play in a band called Bog Oak Harmonium.
I play Irish and Scottish as well as early American tunes.
my name is mike and I play the guitar and dabble with all the other instruments. My main thing is songwriting and i have been writing songs and poetry since i was eleven years old. I started on the piano when i was 8 and didnt get my first guitar until i was 17. I love all the different types of music and love learning new things...right now im trying to learn a little thats me i guess


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