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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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I play mostly classical piano...I have never played traditional music on the piano only a few songs from notes in a book or two. ....I would love to though...I have heard a few people from Cape Breton and PEI play traitional on piano and it's awesome.
It is awesome. Are you self taught, book taught, or have you taken lessons?
How about Luke Kelly- Scorn Not his Simplicity? The piano makes it...
Ya, the piano in that song is haunting. I was playing paino at a rehearsal for the praise team band I am in last night, and I was thinking about that song. The piano track in that tune was very well executed.
I just got back from jamming out with a rap group, it was actually fun! For the sake of being proper and tasteful, I won't tell you guys the name of the band, but the acronym is T.A.N.. I was playing them one of my pretty piano ballads and they beatboxed and put rap lyrics over top of it. Lol, I might upload it, it's pretty funny and worth listening to. Anyways, got to go.

~Shawn McCoy
Hi am I am Damian and I am a guitar player that plays with my brother Shawn. I have been playing for a many years and I Play many songs with my brother and go to church with my brother and my dad. I do that because my dad plays the keyboard and Shawn plays the paino. Shawn plays the paino for 2 reasons: 1.He is a keyboard player and hates carring around all his stuff 2.He doesn't mind playing the paino if it means not carring around all that stuff(not calling him lazy.Plus that is what i think). I love playing my insterment and I am happy what I am doing at home with my brother.
Hi there, My name is Jeremy and I live in Hobart, Australia. The stste is now called Tasmania but many of you may be familiar with it's original name of Van Dieman's Land. I am a professional musician and play drum kit and Bodhran. I have quite a collection of Bodhrans but my 2 treasured ones are both made by the wonderful Christian Hedwitschak. They are a double skin drum and a RWE in cherrywood. You can hear various examples of my playing via the songlist on my page. Enjoy.
Cheeres from Downunder.
Wow, I'm gone for a month, and the member count jolts up to 20, what a nice surprise! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, as soon as I get home and I don't have to depend on school security loopholes just to visit parts of this site, I will check out your playlist. It's good to see all of the professionals that have come to be a part of this group. Eek, the school bell. Nice to meet you Jeremy, talk to you later!

~Shawn McCoy
Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the group as much as I should be; the majority of the time spent on this site is done while I am here at school. It has been blocked for about a month now, so it looks like I've missed quite a bit. The new layout for one, and all the new members! Gotta go, school has officially started ><

~Shawn McCoy
I'm Moby - you can often find me in the chat on when there's a DJ in the studio. I've played a few instruments over the years, just for myself, but the one I'm playing most these days is the bowed psaltery. There's a picture of me holding one on my page. It's been an off and on thing over the years - I got my first one in 1987 at the Old Songs Festival near Albany, NY from David Kingslake of West Virginia. Then a few years ago I got the one in the picture from Lark in the Morning's store in Seattle. I got a bit absent minded a few times and the hairs on the bows shredded when I forgot to release the tension after playing. I just got some Hervex violin bow hair, put it on both bows and I'm playing again.

I've even composed a couple of fairly simple tunes. One was originally named for a woman I was with for a while. When that ended, I didn't play it until a singer/songwriter at Old Songs said from the stage, "No relationship is a total loss if you get a good tune out of it." So I renamed the tune "The Old Songs Waltz" and I still play it. One of these days I might get up the nerve to make a video of me playing it, but no promises! The other tune, "Leaving Marathoona," is about a place in my imagination, a little harbor town on a distant planet in a couple of stories I wrote. Mostly, though, I like playing simple Celtic tunes, nothing too fast or fancy.

I've played around with tin whistles over the years, even took a few lessons, but again, it's just for my own entertainment.
Ya, you really should make a video, I would love to see it! I'm kind of jealous, despite all the celtic music I listen to, all I can really write is Genesis and New Age-ish. I uploaded the only celtic tune I've ever done on this site if you want to check it out, but it's totally amateurish. Well thanks for taking the time to post in this section. Check out the Daily Questions section and see how well you do. I update it every couple of days, sometimes even hourly. I'm adding a point system soon...

~Shawn McCoy
I've had the privilege of playing on a bowed psaltry and enjoyed it thoroughly.


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