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Who are you? What do you play? For how long? Let's get to know eachother a little.

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My name is Martin and I'm 22 years old. My sister used to play the organ, which shaped my musical ear, to some extent.
I started playing Snare Drum when I was 8, in our local marching band. So that's 14 years of rattling, on my tag there now.
in my 11th year I discovered a programme for composing music on the computer, which became my biggest time consumer, and of which you can find some results on my personal page. When I was 14 (I believe) I bought a drum kit, which is a small step really. A few years later I bought myself a guitar, which I taught myself to play, and on which I started composing my own songs, alongside the computer programme.
During my stay in Ireland I got hold of a lovely Irish Tin Whistle, which I also taught myself to play (although I'm not that good, really). In Ireland I used to play our Dutch national anthem and the anthem of my hometown every day, just for the sake of nationalism :) (too bad I didn't bring my clogs :D)
3 years ago a nearby local marching band disbanded because of a decline in members, and decided to give it another try 2 years ago. They asked some of our members to help out. The brass section of that corps sadly never got back to their former state, but the drumline is complete, so now I'm in 2 marching bands.
I'm also in a party band, which plays on cheerful occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, personnel parties , fairs and the like. (And there's a non-official party band that teams up only once or twice a year for fun, or if an acquaintance of one of the members asks for a costless but priceless musical frame around their party/anniversary)
Wow! Snare, drums, guitar, AND irish whistle. Incredible. Glad you found us, it looks like you will be able to offer alot of advice on many different levels. What computer programs do you use by the way? I am a digital musician aswell.
I started off by using Fasttracker II, which is more like music programming software. (loading a set of samples, set a number of commands, and by those commands trigger the samples)
So no notation yet. Then I moved on to Modplug Tracker, which is basically the same, but with extended options.
After that I got hold of Fruity Loops, which is a professional producing programme.
And I use Finale Notation software to write cadences for my drumline.
Very nice collection, I've used Fruity Loops many times in the past. My friend who does rap music uses Fasttracker 1. I have been using Sonic Foundry's Acid and Acid Pro since I was in grade school, I think my first full song was done in a demo version when I was about 9. Anyways, all I use nowadays as far as digital audio workstation programs go is SONAR 7: Producer's Version. You might want to look into it, it is what I used to record that tune I uploaded a few hours ago on. It is pretty easy to lay down drum tracks on, and it even comes with Cakewalk's advanced general midi soundbank with about 7 different drum sets. They aren't half bad, they worked fine in that song I did. Are you in a position with any of the instruments you play to be able to directly record yourself to your computer, and alter and overdub?
My name is Corey, I've been playing guitar religiously for about 6 years... fiddle off and on for just as long, but mostly off! I also play around with a lot of other instruments that I've collected over the years... I recently started playing my trumpet, I started when I was 12 and I've been getting into more jazz tunes lately. I play everything from folk to jazz and blues to hard rock. My dad is from Co. Cork and that's how I first got into Irish music, I've been back a couple of times and played at a few sessions. I don't really go to many sessions here in the states though because I haven't been able to find one I like well enough.
I'm really glad that this group has been blessed with so many multi-talented musicians lately. Guitar is a smart choice since every type of music uses it. Also very challenging because every type of music uses it Differently. The fiddle has always been interesting to me, although I have never even picked one up. Jazz is one of those styles that will compliment pretty much any kind of music that you play. The rythms and note arrangments make it a very intriguing genre. Well Corey, I'm glad you joined. Talk to you later!

~Shawn McCoy
Hello my names Billy and I live in Adelaide South Australia. I've been playing drums for over 40 yrs, involved in most styles of music because I believe if you can play a number of styles you'll always be in work. It appears that between all of the members we can start a band. My family were all musical and I remember as a child Mum, Dad, Grandma and friends would gather around the piano and sing songs well into the nite. Dad played the button accordion, acoustic guitar with steel slide, Jews Harp (which I still have)sing and yodel, Mum sang, played the piano and would do small plays or skits on St. Patrick's Concert nights at my old college She also had certificates and medals for her tap dancing when she was a child. You know I still miss those nites. Well looks like I'm running out of space so thanks for the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself. Cheers All Billy
Over 40 years, very nice. I agree completly with you on playing all different types of music, I was told that the way to be a succesful musician is to play what others want to hear, not just what you like. Lol, I never thought about it, but ya, with all the people in this group and with so many people who play multiple instruments, it would be quite easy to start a pretty good band. I made the 'Show your Skills' section to kind of allow people to bounce ideas off of eachother. You are lucky to have come from a musical family, as you are surrounded by it in your developmental years. Well, welcome to the group! Nice to have you...

~Shawn McCoy
Oh sorry I forgot the best news well for me is I bought a Bodhran today. Its very different to my usual style of drumming but give me plenty of time. Cheers Billy
I'm Mandogrl and I love Irish music. I play Irish/traditional (Newfoundland) and some folk music. I also enjoy bluegrass like Alison Krauss and Union Station...I play the mandolin, guitar, tin whistle, bit of fiddle, piano and a bit of bodhran. I don't consider myself an expert by no means but I just enjoy it. I never grew up with music but it's in my blood.
Very nice array of skills... I am almost jealous. All I have to go off of when I play samples celtic instruments and record music is what I hear in the celtic tunes I listen to. I started writing a piano ballad this morning, so I might want to talk with you about irish piano techniques and ideas. Do you record by the way? Thanks for joining, we will surely benefit from having someone like you with us.

~Shawn McCoy
Shawn- You need to come home and paint!!!
Thank you-
~Your loving but overworked parents.


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