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Request and provide songs here.

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Hmm, very interesting. That's what I was thinking since I couldn't locate it in any of the CDs that I found from them. :( Sorry I couldn't get a copy of it for you first. Oh ya, I'm in a new band now, so I might post some of the stuff we record. It's me doing the pretty stuff I do on keyboards with rap lyrics and beats behind it. Pretty uniuqe. Well g'nite, glad you found it.
In case you hadn't found it yourself yet:

There is a wonderful website/database with lots of trad jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc. And it's free too.
Well this isn't good, my internet laptop has been down for a while now, and I haven't been able to provide any yet. My father just got me the software that I need to get music off of youtube videos and such, which is where alot of un-mainstream songs can be found. Anyways, point is, as soon as I get my little laptop fixed, I'll scan through all the suggestions and requests and do my best to provide.

~Shawn McCoy
One of my favorite blues musicians is Delbert McClinton. Favorite CD is 2001 Blues Grammy winner, "Nothing Personal".
Not a bad cut on album. Favorite cuts are "All there is of me", "When Rita leaves".


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