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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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hallowen sásta, go alls, taitneamh a bhaint as gach!!!
Well,enjoy Alls halllowen tomorrow!!For Celts:happy new year!
May b Im ignorant,but if someone was ak m bfore,sure I was and real believe that Hallowen is another American product as Coke:Made in UsA,hahah,but Im found out that comes from the old europe...hehe,more than zombies or vampires,it is a :anglosaxon tradition,well irish celt tradition,exactly from:Derry!!and was "partner" of the :"Samhain"of british islands.Was harvest festival of the Celts,the changing weather stations,...but very important magic tradition:Samahain"last haverts days cause winter comes,so they pray for all night,and 1st november days,they lit bonfires and held a meeting both men, women, animals were sacrificed for winter supplies, and the feeling of closeness with the dead with any alive-it was said-, could descend into hell.The celts believe ,that night the window separated the alive world from the death one,desapear!so the for make happy these spirits leave food outside the doors.
For me anyway its similar the cristian tradition :alls saints day!!cause even name:ALL ALLOW EVEN-COMES=HALLOWEN.hahah.well,and for more excitant expirience,after found out all these and share with ourselves(even with ones know allready)i remember that from where I come from(Galicia)in Ortigueira and Ferrol,its where may b the celt festival leaves more pattent even the samahain cause here we call:Calacús!! but aswell and with lost cheesnuts at fires the last october night and 1st day november we call san martiño too(cristian believe)but all is similar of hallowen fest,well more celt fest,cause here we dont dress hahahahwell more from pontevedra and other regions near vigo,call Calacus too,there may be not is like North,but there its something more in comun,the:pumpkins yes,like hallwen pumpkins,but in galicia and here pontevedra for calacus(galician samahain,or hallowen)they sculpted a face,reattig faces for looks like(simbolizased)the heads were cuts for enmys,and where come from Lugo,well exactly Quiroga we collet on the time and we do tha calacus and bonfires for chessnust,and then we dry the pumpkin for use then like masc t Carnaval:Entroido.
Well,was amazing fo me find out more ,more excitting cause i meet again the celts,and more awesome!tahn mae strong the believe galicians and irish come from the sames"cause calacus at end is samahain....thanks for share!
enjoy everybody,and like said:
detroit is very big on traditional irish music ect we have alot of good singers and dancers in detroit.we allso have the gaelicleague in detroit which is very big over here.
Dan Ar Braz rules!


dear friends,trully wish you alls,with all my

heart :HAPPY XMAS!!!slainte.dia dhuitt 2011!!

Hello everyone,

In the past I have mentioned that one of my favourite Australian Celtic bands is Sunas. Yesterday I posted a video of one of the songs that will be on their soon to be released CD. Check out the video at

Siobhan Owen is a magnificent Australian singer and harpist who at 16 has such an amazing prescence. Numerous descriptions of her being an angel are very apt. I have recently posted two videos of her on Live Ireland and would encourage you to view them. Siobhan has also been nominated for an international award on the Irish Association site. You do have to register on the site to vote but it is simply a matter of choosing a user name and password and providing your email address. It is neck and neck in the People's Choice award for best new Irish Music Artists for Siobhan and another act so your vote could get her over the line.

Regards David

In Brazil and South America are many bands playing Celtic´s songs!


You can find these bands in Myspace



Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!!!!

HAPPY ST.PADDY'S DAY EVEYBODY!!!!everywhere stan up your hearts and glasses,be happy ,drunk and share luck of the irish around world,cause got hundreds reasons for b proud of irish,ireland!!!

take care verybody !! lots kisses and guinnes!!!

kiss me >I'M irish,kiss all irish u find today!!hahhah

lots love +slongsha!!!!!


Hiya folks!!!


by these days just find out a new celt group>Gaelic Storm>. and im enjoying lots i really like them and call me silly but i do believe  their sound follows in the footsteps of the Dubliners, Chieftains, Clancy Brothers, and Clannad, but they instead decide [especially recently] to delve into writing original pseudo-traditional material.

well,hope my dears friends enjoy too,and who's knows them b4 me sorry for dont meet early,i just try be fresh in knowledge of celt music and sure i mish lots more ...well enjoy everybody

happy easter again and dance a lot,dont drink too much,keep in love and kiss a irish if u dont have one!!!jejjeje

Have you heard of Ceili Rain; funny little bunch, but some entertaining stuff. Four cd's that I know of, and a good amount of drums and pipes mixed in.
ok,hia!!first i was thought you talking about a rain coat?,ofence that ignorance whe at least a grpou from killarney?or kilkeny?i dont know but awaessome ,keep dancing,keep message of love and same dance away ..were may b its the danger?well,thanks u keep as refresh memorys ....and music its for open frontiers...dont close...awesome you,and way u transmit too...lovely!!


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