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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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I'm find out,that my top album at irish comtemporary folk:RHYMTHS OF THE WORLD,isn't part of the enya's brothers and sisters album by one of them alone,single,so now I'm dessapointed,well im still love the album:The style encompasses both traditional Irish folk and contemporary Irish folk, which blends the traditional with contemporary rock and folk influences,but could anyone help me,or tell me from who artits or group it is?

thanks lots in advance...............take care everyone..XXX
well,sorry,not b in touch like usually,im sensitive today....
i like only listen when taht happens
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TO EVERYONE
where is everyone?start 2009 talking by miself,jajajwell happy new year again!!
today i like to introduce with a music,who really enjoy clannad and exactly the single:i will find u" ,trie listen the theme mixed with reading these galician very old celt leyend:
...a time,long time ,when romans invasion on iberia meet horizonts longers by their pass,the north way still save,well exactly,a time for celts ,and celtiberians refuge start b these time,in gallaecia".
was a king"a godking"beliving hese son will drive hese revenge over that island where they belive another son ,and brother was kill...well wasent a son who went,was a woman and sister...
eire"was a girl,dauhgter of that gallician-celt king,so beauty ,clever but brave and drive all her way to were they believe was kill her brother.1 year lots and she arrive,(i cant stell prolonger,so resumening things and details)she sorprise find so similar culture that for a moment she thought she went bak home;but starting listening was a difernece dialect,understanding by comun actions or expresions,so that stoped her started fight,similar feelings by the receivers when they arrive,that only for the war arms wanted captured them,but they meet culturese and was easy see the comuns things,by now aswell the prince of the village starting feeling with her a crazy love,dreamers....well they fight for b together more than for the miexd start understand they be part of same culture...and the plannigs of his father,all politic consul after a big invasion of iberia was for b prepare,all regions and his onlyone son was esential for these plan..well these and othre motives ...the king wanted only the captivetion ,information etc...but the prince rescue eire by night,promise love forever(essential before starting expeditions were womans were actmited on these celts rituals)and satrting escape and run away from his country,wasent many ways to trie back to gallaecia ,thanks still a litle celt region on britania,aswell to galia-french- and cant stop for detailed,they definetly find bretoña at lucus(called by romans lucus too for lucus augusti but another celt teory is called lucus allready by celts because is like woods the significate..)
the thing is the prince over here wasent repulsive by eire region and he was recieved good,well at first they believe she got here the killer of her brother,well then they understood why wasent justice,and plenty more after meet him knowing a celt proceding,such on comun...well he help more here his region by protect a liltle by gallaecia after growing romans invasion than over ,because how more grow around lucus,the celts was allready at finisterre,well ofcourse lefting blood celt blood at the regions any celt man and woman wanted runaway,no,no every one brave and sacrifice some for anotherr and a poblation was survive and thanks these tactic romans never meet suchs preciuss like eire",ireland is,the love end here too,she give a live for everyone survive,she kwos her prince,family,poblation will save at prince home,but she went back to the lucus big fight fbecause the litle celt peolpe cant went to the prince island never be find at finnisterre and around reginos too,so aswell she knows prince region ,family and kingdom will need more help too,rest invasions and he and her 2 litle sons will be the best at figter over ireland,so when every believe was a brotherby the time for revenge ,the romans will believe too .she went that prince,romans believe, of a new region they listen for and want on their power,so eire was fight to ,was managging all the best tactics and is saying at lucus teory and these leyend that t they win for two days and tree nights,and on the own romanwall the ancient celts was exclave to make,but well any knows when 3 day at sunnytime another big militar portion of romans was called and fresh,and well, any knows the rest....,lucus=lugo was under roman domination,never bretoña,and finnisterre,and ofcourse ireland,called "eire"by that beautyfull gallician "braveceltgod".all her celt descendents was growing save,of course his prince rest with her and that celts origins makeit eire honnors"....
END. thats a older leyend ,very older like my grandpa said,and for costums at galiciand populars leyends never writted only passing by lips,and godlisteners...any leyend is only leyend,any believe what any want....
well i hope any enjoy,the lugo´s romans wall steel for 2000 years at these city and now is humanity patrimonium,(seem my picture profile too ),:sorry for my english,sorry for cant explained better,but with :i will find u" by clannad or orinnoco flows by enya,amarantine or only time it is god exercise trie imagine celt live ,leyends,with good celt music, enjoy and see u around...muak
dhiat duit,everyone!
i hope evryone still enjoy new year with celtic music and nations.!
when i was at the first irish pub with living folk music,personally enjoy lots ,that im still got and feeling the magic moments on my memories.And was a couple ,a joung artist married,and popular on the town.sorry for my english,but on that moment im understood less....the song what they finnish,a old woman (with very good spanish speaking,true,remember so well)said:"listen that letter of this song,is so romantic and show emotions with very good mixed celtic music".The litle, im remember was:that they talk about" a joung couple compromised to be married;nearly the days to be,she is got a accident and her face and body destroied, like result of that accident,so she wrote a letter to her boyfriend said:look for a nice,beuty and good new girlfriend because of my accident sure u never want married with me like that,im horrible and u cant look to m again.When the boyfriend recived that message,he was who said:is me who dont deserve u,im nearly gona loose my vision and will be blaind u who not gona b married with me like that,because if u still wanted,im in so love with u and that never gona change.So then still married,he loose his eyes vision,she was for him" light at darness of tunel life complicatons,she was his shoulder and for 20 years of happiness together,plenty love and the eyes,light,etc for him,she end days,her sikness evolution lots,and on her last days she was so painfull, believing left her husband like that,on darkness and unprotected,so on her funeral,for sorprise of everyone's he opened his eyes,and said:I wasn't blaind,im pretend for mi wife,she will depress, thinking im allways saw her desfigurated face.Now my love rest with her.The true love see farder than the phisic beutiness,becuase the true love see with the heart.He ends said."
I cant remember the names, of that couple of singers ,i was sawed for firts time, but usually im really want tried look for information,and internet doesnt help without names u know?personally,these song is beautyfull,and if may b some one knows,please let m know?
Because it's true these story. and ,usually we are at a world,where we clasified the persons by their phisic beautiness,we stat lost looking forward, at the interior beutiness.....for me the true love make us much more beautyfull than a rich treathmeant of creams or liftins",because the beautiness got end but the true love live forever.
ok im talk lots like usually,if any could help with these ltter tell m the artist. im so glad and apreciate lots.
kissesXXX take care.
slan go foil!!!to u too.
thanks for enjoy u make m glad,so i like share those things we can learn ,even from anciest times,sure the celts was a good time,so we ,everyone enjoy now not only the music...
u allways there,u so great friend
hay egain!
i would like to inform of the next 18th.heritage celtic nations music festival
where of course im ,we make tribute to:Danny O'Flaherty.
Danny’s success as an entertainer is driven by his dedication to preserving and passing on his Celtic heritage. As the last of a generation reared in the isolation of a pure Gaelic culture, Danny’s youth recalled the simple tradition kept alive on the rugged and desolate islands. His first language is Gaelic, and his first love – the ancient music played and sung around the peat fires in the evenings. Danny evokes the often-indistinguishable link between history and myth. Whether singing the timeless songs of Galway fishermen or performing his own contemporary ballads, Danny O’Flaherty keeps a unique heritage alive.
well for those who cant enjoy alive festival,invite to dannyo' web,linked aswell with a good celtic music ,etc webb.
so ,enjoy everyone
u so great!,dera
dont thank m ,u sooooooo welkome!
im glad u enjoy.XXX
hello, i'm from chile :)
and i'll give you some names of spanish and chilean bands

-celtas cortos


-La Eringo
-Samhain Night

you can found them at youtube or check my videos :)
Hey folks, next week starts the Temple Bar Trad Festival in Dublin!! It´s a pity that some of you cannot be here. It seems very promising this year. I am looking forward to seeing the Ni Dhomhnaill sisters! Members of Nightnoise.

I will share my experiences at the festival with you!
you will enjoy lots my dear!!!!
well,and share every litle detail,allright?we'll b expectants!

dia dhuit,dera,camon , not far?u should buy a tiket and fly over....would b great ehhh?well for me i nice dreaming,problably another year.

enjoy lots titti!and take care
and dear dera you so great to!!!!we will enjoy what titti share,....take care,kisesXXX
I am new here and I "hovered" quickly through the topics and mentioned names here of bands and artists which are mentioned as being the creators of "Celtic-traditional music" - I wonder what the explanation is of "Celtic-traditional" ? Is it music made by artists or bands who use traditional (old) instruments as Bodhrán, bigpipe, Uilleann pipes, thin whistle etc. etc. or also more modern instruments ? Is the music based on the old days and are the lyrics(if there are any at all in a tune) telling about the many battles which were fought...... or means "celtic-traditional" anything which has a link - even if it is very small - with Ireland, Scotland or any country where the original "Celtic music" is made and where the roots lay of the Celts..........
I just add some namea of artists and bands here which I think made make "Celtic music" - don't know if ya can call it all "traditional" Celtic music:

Runrig (from Scotland);
Wolfstone (from Scotland);
Secret Garden (from Norway);
Kilshannig (from the lowlands of Holland);
Paddy goes to Holyhead (from Germany):
Donnie Munro (from Scotland);
Blair Douglas (from Scotland);
Leoni Jansen (from the lowlands of Holland):
Karine Polwart (from Scotland);

These are just a small number of artists\bands which I would add to the (traditional) Celtic musici-section........


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