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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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Today I'm going to talk about a Galician bagpiper call "Carlos Nuñez".
He began his career playing with "The Chieftains" and soon he was known all around the world. He recorded his first solo album "A irmandade das Estrelas" (Brotherhood of Stars) in 1996. The next albums were "Os amores libres", "Mayo longo", "Almas de Fisterra" and "Cimena do Mar". The most I like is "Almas de Fisterra". He borned in Vigo (Galicia), where I borned too. The last time that I watched him in concert was in 2006 for his birthday in Vigo. He played with "The Chieftains", "Sharon Shannon" and more. This concert was recorded in a DVD.

Here you could find more information:
Hi Alexandre, thanks for your comments!
You are right Loreena McKennitt is lovely, she is a marbellous singer and harpist. I have all hers cds and the last one is fantastic. I think it took too long (5 years) because she suffered a personal tradegy. She made a special edition of this cd for Spain with some songs recorded in live, but I haven't that version. And in the cd-book of "The book of secrets" she explained all the long trip, and describe the places where she was. I would like to see her in concert one day.

For the people who want more information this is the link:

There is also another canadian singer named "Claire Pelletier". She is from Quebec, and she has a wonderful voice too. For sure you have more information about her than me, why don't you share it with us?
Welcome to the discussion Pierre!
I didn't know that tune so I began to investigate. John McSherry is the uilleann piper of an irish band call "At first light". They were playing this year in Dublin at Temple Bar Trad Festival, but I didn't go to the concert :( And the tune Doinna is like you said, it wake up a lot of emotions inside you.
Here is a link of a wonderful video of this tune:

Now I have to answer to Alexandre. About Claire Pelletier I only have this cd "Tournee Galileo" that was recorded in concert in St-Denis. When you listen to the cd it sounds perfect like a studio album. She can sing a capella or play the guitar too. I'll share some song in my blog. Her webpage is beautiful but there is a problem: it's in french. I can't understand it, hahaha.
Midnight Walker. For me this is the best tune of Davy Spillane. The music of his cds are very different. I discovered this tune long time ago, when I began to listen to celtic and ethnic music. I don't remember any gig of Davy in Spain, at less not in the last years.
I think it's time to introduce another Galician band: "Faltriqueira". This is a galician word for pockets of the traditional dancers clothes. Faltriqueira is a new band that recorded their first solo album in 2002 and four years later they published Efffeto Faltriqueira their second solo album. At the begining the band was composed for five girls, but finally only Carolina, Ana, María and Teresa decided to continue with the project. From childhood they learned to play tambourine and sing in traditional way (all voices at the same time), but now they make polyphonic songs. There isn't an equal band in Spain. The lyrics are written in Galician and they talk about daily things, mystic tales, love or problems from old times. For me it's a lovely band. I can listen them to hours and hours and I don't feel bored. I had the chance to see them two times in concert.

Well, here is the english link:
hello all
i'm fan to flatley i not know if its very "country" for you, but il love it!
hello all,
do you have a youtube link for many samples pleaze?
Hi Jean, nice to see you here.
I don't have time now to put the youtube links, but you can search it. Just put the name of the artist and you'll see what you can find.
What you can do is go to my page and listen my playlist. I have songs of these artist.
I don't know Flatey. I'll try to find time to search and listen it.
Dropkick Murphys is a group that my son introduced me to. It's a heavier rock tempo, but not to bad.
The Dropkick Murphys are awesome......... a colleague of mine and some friends of his made their own cover-version of "shipping up to Boston":

I love the Dropkick Murphys! They're from my area. I live in New Hampshire, and they're from Boston, Massachusetts, which is about 2 hrs south of me. But thanks!

good Celtic music groups from my asturias that this land next to east and there are practically the same traditions except the bagpipe that is different are: Hevia, Llan de Cubel, asgaya, FELPEYU, the colla propinde, Skanda, Asturian mining company , Dixebra ....


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