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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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Thanks for your response anbout the band. Hannah has worked hard at the fiddle and loves her music. I will let you know how she gets on. Thanks again and all the best to you.
There is a great Trad scene here in Newfoundland Canada! We have retained our Irish culture and accent down the centuries! All the old songs you'd hear in Pubs in Eire you will hear in Newfoundland, but we also have about 500 years worth of our own songs as well. If anyone is interested check out few of our bands like......The Irish Descendants.....Masterless Men.....Shannyganock....Fine Crowd.......The Navigators.......Connemarra..........Ryan's Fancy..........The name a few. Some are pure trad and some have a more modern feel to them.
With motive:YEAH!10 10 !!!!years since we (Lugo)make The 2000 years old RomanWall (built by celts anyway)WALL(ex.picture at my profilejejeje),be patrimonium of Humanity:i would like invite all my dears and the dears of my dears to :Lugo,because aswell eveyone can do aswell the:Saint Jame's Lane and winning the Xacobeum" aswell,so its a chance extraordinary for All's get meet;for enjoy the places,towns.. curyosly :the best for seell definetly all in commun with,so :.come everybody to :" Galicia,becasuse coast boardlinners it is writte near the sea for a same peencil"...
And of course dont hessitage contac me door"s open to All ,...So welcome !!,hope see .take care
I dont know how to get or reply to you Marguesson,sOrry for do it here....but just :i frequently a "reader"of ur features...well when i can,..And I like congratulate you lots the wey u write and say ,because in many ways, sure all listeners or followers of liveireland eveywhere feel the same ,at least me, sure.Never can agree more with you and your: "3Greats things of listening Irish music as much as we do....."just listening far away,thats the great thing too from here to Everywhere!!and im so sensitive cause not allways can listen or contact all i will like,at the end what i mean is that you refelct all any could feel with your right words....thats:Great too for u...more with the best choise at :Music May 2010."
.Since i do get time and listen ur program too,and get ..with your recomandation :Grainne Murphy,just comming up to me ?wouw,from N.Y,just like Cristina Pato...well original Galician too,just around similar time cooming their jobs out.....ummmm so sure its how tha artist meet and get the grat influences....!!!!sometimes many to share than sensitives ears listen like i can from wherever im if i was rich and the manager of great things or orginisations at festivals:just like gte call the council to Ortigueira Celt Festival(near 100 years makeing) and say eh heh invite Teada,of course Grainne Murphy and get mix this year cristina cause sure all couldnt be at irish,fstives or inverse at leats the people will enjoy the best of the 2 sides!!!!but that its my crazy ideascoming up folloing the music i love.....jajjajaenjoy everyone from everyside ...X
dIA!! dEAR dERA:
SO WELCOME:(thats the thing)
don't need thanks!!! and mee too on the same problem,that's why i do understand...and read carefull,for evry kind of needs dears of my deard and the dears..jaaj there ,what i can say:Slonga!!!everywherr will be the celebrations...u know what i mean its just the music makes open doors everywhere...from whereever place!!!hearts up and keep have all s great day ...or night
Here in a small coastal village on the East coast of Australia , I had some good fortune when this Irish bloke with a golden voice moved in 100 metres down the road. If you listen to his Carrickfergus which I posted as a video on this site 2 weeks ago you'll know what I mean! We've played in a band (Headland) together now for about 6 years.
Mark. Glad to see the video getting the response it deserves and to see yet another band flying the Australian flag on Live Ireland. Hopefully one day You guys can team up with Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes for a gig. Would love to see you playing down here in Tasmania. Keep the Cygnet Folk Festival in mind. David
Dia !!deras...litle by litle any here knows what we ethe end u congratulate urs friends feelling bcuse u know what it's mean..the ting imagine know around world whats matter ur u prou carry ?everywhere over here over othr coast over many places where it's the feel,wwere home,still,and will,take learning give the litle steeps take easy time welkome to 4 listen and understand the acents from nnorth,south,east,or west..u know i know when i was prepere for understand even longer like she was teach me....,so at end?the celts:spirit around will shake hands ...and when like a not easy get rythmic uas start any new song ,just with the fly easy at a nce ,brave up or down song...we ll know we re more than spirt feel or even love cause like a good song allways in mind,love needs take easy tooo notonly my trust circle,jesta get more,so then from over side so close too sometimes i will put in practice what i was learn:take alls,als hansd imagine the circle that big u will,dont shake dont be afraid je....know lets dance with the feel we listen..takes all in life a good start ,the thing when i mish more know from i i was learn just i got myself and like contagiuss somthing bad we dont trustat firts but we allways there for the bad's and badlers",or like the song keep up ur heart keep dancing u too....(o dear i cant xlain nothing without,say just one wrd:many i need,many im uuse.....jajja)
Thank you so kindly for starting this thread Tittibruni! I can't wait to discover new and share my favorite Celtic bands. Here in America it's hard to find the more obscure. I did see a few groups touring with The Chieftains over the past few years here, you know, fresh out of music school at Trinity and some fun kids from Canada. But I'll have to dig up those cds to discuss.
hope all forgiveme for comment here,but hope my passion for celt music could share on spsecials ocasions like these one(spain win the world cup and need shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)cause the music steel be the part even on celebrations like that ones.I mean,im so far from my ireland,more from where im born spain,so in mellbourne share that moment its more sensitive miles away and listening a young boy with an irish lady get their pipes:and touch with so emotion around the street the national himn of spain that was the present and honor to be proud miles away and share more with music the same feeling around world,well these case may b only spanish but was so sensitive se the two youngs touch the pipes so sensitives so futball could make feel union around world but music its the idiom universal for xpresions ,feels all u need say in one act its done!!!live the music,stand the hearts!and welldone spain!!thakns all let me share that ,forgiveme but like six nations i was so excited or at irish festivals move my heart today is for spain!!!!keep going the celebrations,make alls love and share great moments cause life its short!take care alls!!!!plenty guinness too,hahhaha dia dhuit!!
ohh!Dera u allways so kind and lovely!its great get a friend like u dear!!thanks lots...and yeah i saw by news the empire state iluminated with the colours of spanish flag!amazing! hw on the other coerner of world make that honor to oter country no?and the party keep going by two days in all spain but i saw in internet that madrid its amazing !mamazing today!!wish b there hahahahwell im glad listen u too!take care,XXX
HAPPY SEAMUS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One day late,but sorry....ok,at 25 july at Galicia we celebrateSt.James Greaters day!!Galicias day too!!!So we say happy St.Santiago..Santiago of compostela its galicia ´s capital,and Santiago,Xaime,Iago,..are galician names,at english =James(like St.James Lane=camino de Santiago)and James=Seamus,so Happy and congratulates to all!!!!ok,well after my discurss,sorry im talk lots....These year was amazing!! the Celebration,and party,cause these year too ,all people do the lane =win the xacobeum.
was a europe celebration,24 night and so beautyfull lights,fires!!!and amazing these year the fired of the gothic cathethrall wall!!!!!(see my picts.)well and so great!! the inviteds artist :never believe saw definetly(cause many videos,or cd listen but no is the same than person)and definetly wacht at live:Carlos Nuñez and The Chieftains!!!im adore them,i was so sensitive,so sorprise,didnt know they ll open the fires these year...ohhhh!!!gosh! then with the Orense Diputation Pipers was Ros Cedron and alls together!!!! ahhhhh i was scream!!amazing never forget.....well all that after see all Santiago Full of Pillgrains....gosh! from everywhere around world...ufff well was time after all doing the lane(=where alls re invited to do,friends-)and exactly day by 24 get the party was so great with so many people from many sites amazing...and get like say the sorprise to wacht my lovely Chieftains its so great!!!!unpayfull!!the best could ever happend me...hahahha
well one day late but alls :Seamus,slonga!!!dia dhuitt!!! enjoy lots!!!
and alls too,take care everybody!!!XXXX


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