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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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I have never been to Ireland or Scotland. I go to local festivals and have heard a good bit of music online. I was introduced to this music in early 90's when I heard Enya. I bought some of her music and through magazines and festivals picked up on a variety of Celtic music artists. I have a collection of Altan, Dervish, Danu, Clannad, Loreena McKinnet, Kate Rusby, Lunasa, Battlefield Band, Silly Wizard, Old Blind Dogs, Tannahill Weavers, and various others.

There are many fans of Celtic music here in Texas. I grew up listening to Bluegrass. My family is part Irish-Scottish. I listened to fiddles, banjos, and guitars at family reunions years ago. I had an uncle who made fiddles. I listen to all kinds of fiddle music. We have a good number of Celtic fiddlers here. I have watched some performances where musicians from Canada, US, Ireland, and Scotland get together to play. Fiddlers try to out play each other. It is fun to watch.
Thought I would share a great Australian celtic band from Queensland called Sunas. They are regular visitors to Tasmania. They have some audio clips on their website at
Just turned on the radio and am listening to a Canadian band called the Wailin' Jennys. Although drawing on a range of folk roots they have an obvious celtic undercurrent in a number of their songs.
umm!sound nice..i would like some more information of celtics bands in australia ,cause im living temporarly over,exactly mellbourne,so will great a guide of experience about that,isn't...thanks sharing,everyone enjoy better with plenty choices isn't?well nice time and dweek everyone...take care davidXXX

psd.DERA!:DIA DHUIT,hope speak soon..u lovely...XXX
I don't spend a lot of time in Melbourne and have become fond of Irish music later in my life so I don't know many Melbourne Celtic bands. There is a pub in Melbourne called The Quiet Man which has live traditional Irish music. If you ever get to Tasmania I know the people in most of the local Irish bands. Jeremy Sibson from the Tasmanian band the To'Rags has some videos on Live Ireland and I have posted some videos of my son's band, Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes. I also have some short audio clips of their music on my page.
Glad you like Sunas. I have seen them live a few times in my home city of Hobart. One of the band members name Sarah Calderwood is a member of Live Ireland but I don't think she has been on the site for a while. Some of the Wailin' Jennys' songs are not really celtic but a number certainly have a celtic influence. I particularly like one of their songs called Deeper Well.
I recently attended the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas. They featured groups from Canada. I heard the Barra McNeills, Grand Derangement, and a few others. I apprecicate all the info on these other groups. I can sample their music on Youtube, Google or go to the website.

There are numerous Celtic groups here in Texas. There are several Celtic rock groups from this area. We have the Killdares, Jiggernaunt, and Needfire.

Within the Celtic folk genre one of my favorites is Connie Dover. She is from Missouri and has done research in Celtic studies. She can sing in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, French, Latin, and English. She has her own myspace at and is also featured on Youtube.
Just listened to the beautiful voice of Connie Dover on her myspace page. Thanks for telling us about her. If you have any links to the other bands you mention please let us know.
"May the road rise up to meet u.
May the wind b always at your back.
May the sunshine warm upon your face,the rains fall soft upon your fields,and until we meet again.
May God hold u in the palm of His hand."
I am going to be a liitle biased today and talk about a band close to my heart named Daideo and the Blue Mosquitoes. The reason for me discussing them today is that in less than a week their fiddle player, Hannah Foley, will appear on stage at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australia (accompanied by the Mosquitoes) as a finalist in the Folk Federation of Australia's Young Folk Award. This is the major folk music award for young performers in Australia. I am sure that all my Live Ireland friends and those who have viewed the videos of the band I have posted on the site will recognise that the nomination is well deserved and will join me in wishing Hannah well. The reason they are close to my heart is that Hannah is my niece and other band members include her brother Stuart and my son Chris, not to forget the talented Moire Meaney. The family will all be there chearing them on in Canberra. Thanks for taking the time to read this entry by a proud uncle and father.
Thanks for your kind wishes for the band and in particular for Hannah. I will let you know how she gets on.
congratulations dear!!!!of corse all them deserved,and i wish they will have bright more triunfs at furture!!!!!all the best too for the desrved proud father and uncle!!!!salainte!!!!that deserve a celebration!!!!big celebrations...and more paints of course...
all the best ,luck and love everybody,enjoy lots david and dear dera,all the best u too!!!!XXX


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