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Hi folks,
This is a space to talk about celtic-traditional music from others countries and places. I want to share with you some interesant bands and I hope you will do the same.
Enjoy the music!!

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hey!ya! everyone.
hello,myrene,and urlar.....
well,first,what i need to sai:WELCOME.!
and ,urlar,don't get me wrong,firts by personal,then by litle i know:We mean "celt traditional"that not only :group,band,music or voice celt,celt and tradition:so of course" the celt nations traditional music" it's what we've got sharing.Then of course any country gots,in way i see,folk origin music,that could b similar,but folk".then lots groups or music using celt stile,but that's all.and answer myrene likle a example,:im spanish,of course i know all the groups she mencion,for example. i didnt,because: hevia is exple.of what im saying, similar pipe like carlos nunez,but hevia use electronic pipe and not with celt intentions,well he make only a" folk asturian song",but it is away from celt tradion,more explain with celtas cortos,from valladolid,using name celts shorts,and using too:celt instruments,but letters and music are away,well,soudns good" celts intruments mixed with pop and rock,for me is lot diference milladoiro" from all myrene mencion.
so listening we could dapreciate the diference all them:
celt-from folk.and folks origins groups,-and more, intrumentall celts bands
i hope helping,given more information and opinion
take care everyone.
Hi all!
The Temple Bar Trad Fest 09 has ended, but I will tell you how it was.
Apart from free music in the pubs there were good concerts at night in the Project Arts Centre and the Button Factory. My first gig was Paddy Keenan (pipe) and Tommy O'Sullivan (fiddle). Paddy is getting old but he still can play the pipe very well! He is 59 now.
Next gig was Aidan O'Donnell & Ciarán Ó Mhaonaigh with a guess whose name I can't remember now. All from County Donegal. Three fiddles playing together, sometimes at third voice. It was fantastic. Later on Seán McKeown (pipe) & Liam O'Connor (fiddle) continued with the show. Seán is a young piper with great skills. He can play reels quite easy or gigs that force you to stand up and star to dance!
But the best concert of all was T with the Maggies. Tríona and Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill (Botty Band, Relativity or Nightnoise), Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (sister of Ciarán) (Altan) and Moya Brennan (Clannad). This was something very special; a combination of some of the best Irish voices. It is impossible for me to describe how wonderful the concert was. You feel like the angels are singing for you. Songs like 'The spanish lady' were absolutly gorgeous! Songs about everyday things in the all times, simple stories but that make your heart shrink. And between the songs Moya was kidding all the time and everybody was laughing.

Furtheremore, there were pipers on the street, a parade, an exhibition of photografy of Nutan and Irish dance at the Meeting Sq, where everybody started to dance and had a great time despite the cold.
Solas and Michael McGoldrick played too, and, for sure it was great, but I couldn't wacthed them.
But, despite of all these great performances, the best of all for me is the people that I met and talked to. I talked with some of the musicians and with Nutan. I met managers of other festivals or musicians and other interesting people.

I will upload some photos and videos about the festival. Check my page in the coming days.

This is always the best time of the year. I am looking forward to the next festival!!


P.D: Does anyone want to share his/hers impressions about the festival?
thanks for a comment and i'm happy you like it.
have a nice day :)
take care!
ummm1who's comming with me?
All Ireland...
Easter Walking Festival in Westport
10 abr 2009 - 14 abr 2009
A choice of two walks will be available in the Easter Walking Festival in Westport, i.e. moderate/easy and hard/strenuous on each...
Pan Celtic Festival
14 abr 2009 - 19 abr 2009
The Pan Celtic Festival aims to instill, strengthen and exchange our Celtic cultures and traditions in music, song, dance, sports.. these the best!
hope evryone enjoy!
enjoy today everyone at glorius day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
all irish be proud!!!
srt.patrick just bless 4 days ago and today the best team at world gots what deserve:¡six nations trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today it a happy music im listening and it´s the afiction and fans around world,like where im now:N.Y.,where just 4 days aswell i was living a perfct moment at streets :"the famous paddys parade" well and were i meet fabolouse irish and worm pubs where wacht today a perfect machtim happy for everyone
....miss not be at right place:millenium stadium and see in live how marbellous kicks and tries,o´gara,paul o´connell.....well the best :irish team
with these and the new recopilation of news u2 album and the himm of rugby irish team i leave eveyone,and hope the best for all of u .....
see soon!!!
Well, as a celt descent from Gijon, Northern Spain, I have to recommend Hevia. Beautiful music!
I was even lucky enough to see him playing live at a very small gathering for a celt festival back home in Buenos Aires-Argentina.
I love music of Carlos Nunez, and Loreena Mc Kennit and .....always music celtic, bye , good luck !
oh!!Dear:Liam Clancy you will be allways on our memories!!he will b on better place...
well sorry everyone,long time ago we dont share anything here,so salute!!!alls,and Deragon!!!dia dhuit!!and plenty love,take care.
Folk is a term often used to describe musical styles that are indigenous to an area, a culture or a country. While the Celts settled in much of Western Europe, not just Ireland, the Irish are, more than most, identified with Celtic music. Much of the folk music coming out of Ireland is in the old troubadour style of story-telling. Familiarize yourself with what music sounded like in a world where it served as story-telling entertainment before Hollywood and widespread literacy. It may be sung in English or Gaelic, but you don't have to understand the words to get the feeling; it's the kind of magnetic music that gets your toes and hearts moving.
well,like many others,,even a capella,Liam Clancy WAS MAKE MOVING MANY HEARTS TOO,!!
and on his memory,i like listen, more than him::"Anuna,"music of ancient celts,get into the soul,and memories of the irish origins,i do believe we cannot compare liam with them,just only sure how every musician start,...well

Ahh Dera!!!! thanks,and me too!!!all u wish come true,HAPPY XMAS TOO!!AND 'VE BETTER NEW YEAR!!!
plenty love 4 u and yours!!!take careXXX
A local band here in Victoria, BC Canada is The Ecclestons. They sing celtic style music, some traditional as well as their own. They did a celtic version of Stayin' Alive that was awesome! They're site is here: I use to go see them regularly about 5 years ago. They are one of the most fun bands I've ever seen. I discovered them at an outdoor concert.
SO & THE END ...any knows what ?who?all boys and girls prepare at VANCOUVER(wintersports...isnt't?
...who wins more......what ever left the kids prepare 4 london 2012,inst?
IM THE HAPPIETS AT WORLD,BECAUSE 4 SO MUCH U CANT RUN ...(titulars:E.T.A.)THEY WILL BE TRUST,AND PUT CONDENATION ...4 JUSTICE AND IF I DO PRAY ...I SEE THE LIGHTS EVERYWHERE........FOR THEM ,FOR ALL THE KIDS FOR STILL A UNIVERSE ....(Like ulisses,cartoon movie,>memories)we will be cacht north ie or south ...will pay for all victims .....


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