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I would love to know how difficult or easy it is for someone with Irish roots born in Canada to retire in Ireland. I heard somewhere that Ireland is very open to musicians and emmigration to Ireland Does any one have any knowledge about this i am a retired music teacher in Ontario Canada Wayne

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Artists pay no income tax in Ireland. I am not sure how exactly that works, I mean proving it, but they live well. I have to ask, how distant are your roots--if it was parents or grandparents, you can qualify for dual citizenship, but oyu have to get all the birth/death and wedding certificates and fil in a mile of paperwork. You can go through the Dublin office of immigration which requires euro checks only or cash paid in person, or go to your local immigration office for Irish Citizenship paperwork--they tell you what you need. If you are more than past parental or granparental attachment to Ireland, you have to go another route, such as living there for five years and you have to be able to prove employment or means to support yourself--if you wnat to work, you need an employer to sponsor you and youhave to have something not offered by any other EU resident--although, in truth being from Canada, there are some loopholes as compared to Americans. It can be done, but plan quickly and you should go for a couple months first to make sure the move is really what you want as a long term committment. I am in the same boat, I mean about trying to move over--However, I am in school and looking to finidh my grad education program and pursue a phd and get a job and life there, but being on American soil and having all of my greatgrandparents as Irish immigrants did not help me--they forgot to apply for dual citizenship and to register their kids, which disqualified my parents and too late for me unless I can live there for the required time and get approval to stay for life. Good lUck. All the Best. felicia


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