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New starting today February 11th

Mass up-loader for your photos and music.
Now you can bulk upload photos and music instead of individual tracks and photos,

New Music player
Now you can select your own background colour and style on the music player.
Pop up selection allows you to pop up your music player and listen whilst visiting other pages.

New video quality:
All videos uploaded from now on will have an enhanced codec for even better clarity.

Featured members.
The live DJ selection will be available on the from page.

In house Flash Chat room:
New Flash chat both for and MyLiveireland.

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Update: These features take effect 11pm EST if you're US based.
It's cool but i can't find any "floating window" icon. It was very useful for me
i upgraded firefox and java and now i found it after some research coool
(i was @ work )
Works Great
We should be hitting the thousand mark fairly soon on the LiveIreland network. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of many thousands to come! There is cleaning up to do with some member accounts, (I’m sure you’ve seen them) so a late spring clean is in order. It is inevitable as the network grows that we will have to moderate the site more with its growing popularity. With the roll out of everything web2.0 in the last few months we hope to improve the overall look and appearance of the site in the coming weeks. As usual I’m busy in the background doing research on new tech developments which should enhance the whole live experience. It’s all under-wraps, but just to let you know we’re busy in the background.


Daithi :)
We'll be sticking with Stickam for the forseable future. I'll run Ustream beside it too now and again.


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