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Hello, greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

My name is Michael Moran, I have been tasked to sing a cappella at a friends wedding. I have a true tenor's voice and a wide range from singing in bands that usually perform the songs of Sinatra, Crosby, etc... or rock and folk. While I have decent knowledge of Irish music, and listen religiously to liveIreland streaming on my iTunes, I can't find the right song.

Could you suggest and/or ask around to help me offer the bride and groom a choice of irish wedding songs?

I would greatly appreciate any/all help you could offer.



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In response to your request for ‘Irish wedding songs’ you may find the following of interest. I have attached an mp3 file of ‘The Wedding’ (also known as the Irish Wedding Song). This version is by Daniel O’Donnell. There are many others. It has a great melody and very warm lyrics. Also, it is very much suited for a tenor voice. Hopefully, this helps you out in your quest for ‘wedding songs’. Let me know.
Slan . . . Walter


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