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by Thomas Moore
the greatest Irish lyrist
born Dublin, 1779 - died 1852
Have you not seen the timid tear
Steal trembling from mine eye?
Have you not mark'd the flush of fear,
Or caught the murmur'd sigh?
And can you think my love is chill,
Nor fix'd on you alone?
And can you rend, by doubting still,
A heart so much your own?

To you my soul's affections move
Devoutly, warmly, true:
My life has been a task of love,
One long, long thought of you.
If all your tender faith is o'er,
If still my truth you'll try;
Alas! I know but one proof more -
I'll bless your name, and die!

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Hello to all my poetical friends
Who keep this forum alive.
To Lisa and Walter and Lady Diane
and Pierre whose creative drive
Makes reading poems a life-tasting joy.

Below are lyrics from a grand song by Mary Black.
About food, life and love. It so reminds me of all
of you.

Frank in St. Louis

Well did you ever make colcannon,
Made with lovely pickled cream
With the greens & scallions mingled
Like a pitcher in a dream
Did you ever make a hole on top
To hold the meltin flake
Or the creamy flavoured butter
That our mothers used to make


Oh you did, so you did
So did he and so did i
And the more I think about it
Sure the nearer Im to cry
Oh werent them the happy days
When troubles we knew not
And or mother made colcannon
In the little skillet pot

Well, did you ever take potatoe cake
And boxty to the school
Tucked underneath your oxter with
Your books, your slate and rule
And when teacher wasnt looking
Sure a great big bite youd take
Of the creamy flavoured soft and meltin
Sweet potatoe cake


Well did you ever go a courtin boys
When the evenin sun went down
And the moon began a peepin
From behind the hill o down
And you wandered down the boreen
Where the clrachn was seen
And you whispered lovin praises to
Your own dear sweet ciln
Mr. Daub,
A wonderful song! I once tried to sing that at the Pop Show in 7th grade. "Colcannon" is one of the first, and best, Irish songs I've ever heard.

You are fast becoming the ‘poet laureate’ of Live Ireland. One gets a nice sense of nostalgia in reading your poem. The image of the ‘small thatch cottage’ and the ‘half-door’ offer a comforting reminder of the ‘way things were.’ For an instance, we can ‘dwell near the river’ lost in our ‘small thoughts’ and ‘cherished moments.’ Oh to be in Dunfanaghy!

Walter . . .
Ouch. They say all Irish songs are about loving, longing or losing; I think the last one is definitely this song's topic. Very well written and quite beautiful, but the ending is very saddening.

Thanks for posting!
Im new to live ireland and I'd thought i'd add a little poem that i wrote. please dont kill me in the world of forums. im only a kid like. i just write poems because i enjoy it, not because i want to be the best. :)

My Rusty Old Car [By Conor Hegarty]

My rusty car,
i've had it for years
its my pride and joy
nothing comes near

I look down on my car
i see whats on display
plants grow off the window
nothing special i say

but with a bit of love
and elbow grease too
i think i can turn my car
back to brand new

so i get a bit of practice
i want everything to be right
blood sweat and tears
of working throught he night

but like any old car,
It'll take some time
so ill be patient
and not step out of line...

...A few months later
of working everyday
i've turned my car around
and did it the right way

the time that i've spent
must be put to the test
so my car my be known as one of its best

Im proud of my car,
im proud of what i've done
for my talents just grew
from 0 to 1.
thanks for the comment
i know im not a star at writing so my writing may become difficult to understnad but what i hoped for people to understand on this one is that my car is a talent i used to have, it got worn out and it wasnt special but i worked on it again everyday and it back around to top class. it dosent give many hints though
Thanks pierre for the lovely comment the last post i just did dont make much sense when i read it because i was in a rush not too be late for school! Well the poem is about a talent i had, I didnt use it much so i lost it, hence the car turned rusty... I worked on it for a few months and my talent grew and grew, so did my car :)

sounds good about the experiences you had with your car!
i've still yet to witness that myself. Four more years or so and i'll be ready...
But i do like to nick my dad's car trader magazine every now and then and have a peep!
Lady Dianne,
That poem i posted was really the first major one i did I tend to write smaller ones, but i'll try and write a fairy or wee man poem just for you!
my take a few days or so... do you write poems yourself? It'll be great to hear one from you...

‘Thoughts’ . . . in those frequent moments when I get a little nostalgic for Ireland I know that I can come to this forum and be instantly in touch with that little Island far across the sea – thanks to your wonderful poetry. Somehow, Gweebara Bay seems that little bit closer.

Walter . . .
I love this poem. It is beautiful and brings a sence of warmth all thru me.It makes me miss my home in Oregon where my family still lives.I miss my family, friends, the cool breeze of the ocean air,the mountain tops that surrounded us,& all my walks through the wooded lands.I miss it all, the simple pleasures,my life.I thank God my parents are still alive & I miss them terribly.Just as the poem ends,I sit and Reminisce of the days gone by and and the warmth and love of my parents near by.Thank You for sharing such a wonderful poem.



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