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Well, there seems to be a death of presenters lately! Simon has not been here in several weeks. Justin has abandoned us for at least the last two. No sign of Noel last week. The only remaining faithful seems to be Caroline. Lovely Caroline of the heavenly voice.

How can Live Ireland be truly Live without presenters in the studio??? This is not good!

Voice your frustrations. We want DJs!

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And now we learn that Caroline, lovely Caroline, is/has left us. Oh! Woe is us!
Yeah i agree Chip....A big loss for Live Ireland....sigh!!
I'm all for the idea of remote DJs. If we can't get them in the studio, then use the modern marvel of the net to get more voices out there.
I agree with Shane, if Li can't retain local DJs for whatever reasons.... people do move faster these days anyway between jobs....- maybe Irish and nonIrish DJ volunteers from all over the world could do shows. Maybe on a monthly basis...maybe record an hour long show...something... :)
it has been 3 years since i started to listen this radio , i think it was a year ago , the radio was like realy " live " there were several djs and nice programms but than ... it turned into that old times again, always same songs and old recorded programms ....Okey all these forums and new pages are quite nice , but i totally agree with others we want to see this radio realy " LIVE " with real djs , is it that hard to find dj in ireland ?
Hey...!!! I'm totally with you, Chip..!
I'd like to thanks Caroline for her regular presence, and wish her the best in the future...!
And I'm warmly encouraging any other person ready to act as DJ,... be it from the real Studio in Dublin or from somewhere else in the cyberspace...
A webpage containing the "coming scheduled broadcast" could easily be set up, eventually...!
I miss ORLA!!

Wait....Caroline left us? Phewy


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