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During two long visits to Dublin, I was kinda amazed that very few of the Irish I chatted with knew much about Padraig Pearse, the incredible poet/patriot who forced the '16 Rising in spite of many who opposed it.

Pearse seems to be considered by some as a nut, who was transfixed on the need for a blood sacrifice in order to move Ireland toward a Republic.

Truth as I see it is that he, McBride, Connelly, McDermott, and Clarke were the founders of what Collins later secured.

Know what? When Pearse went outside the GPO and read the incredible Proclamation of 1916, people laughed at him.

God, if you read up on that '16 rising, they were all heroes, surrounded and sure to lose. Pearse only surrendered because he was concerned about the population around the battle sight.

And who knows about the great O'Rahilly? A romantic and brave Irish heroe if ever.

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There is no point half-believing is there?

To sacrifice, in a rebellion, it is best to surround struggle, with the trappings of religion. I've never met anybody who would do twenty Christmases or risk the rope for an opinion.

Once you separate God from Ireland you are basically talking about a big farm, and that isn't worth taking or losing a life.

I listened to old men, who thought they were blessed by God, as a child I was amazed that I could be in a room with people who knew General Collins.

Now, I am amazed that I can be in a room in Ireland with people who have no view of salvation. To be a brother to a man, you have to meet that man again in heaven.


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