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Liz Carroll and John Doyle will be performing in Victoria, BC on November 17th, at Fairfield United Church.Separately, they are geniuses of their instruments, exciting performers and composers who take the tradition of Irish music in daring, inventive, new directions. Together, Liz Carroll & John Doyle have combined their talents into dynamic live stage shows and recordings, including their first as a duet, which was released in 2005 on Compass Records. I highly recommend downloading Lost in the Loop From Calabash Music a Fair Trade Music company.

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Hey, Element..! I totally share and support your highly recommended comments..!!! I wish being closer to Victoria BC, though... (sigh!)...
Oh My God Element...i wish i could be at this concert. Liz Carroll was always one of my favourite Fiddle player and wow, John Doyle on guitar. What would one Tradhead ask for more?
I have the Lost in the Loop CD and i agree, its a must Have in the collection.
Sheetmusic of tracks can be found here

If you go to the concert take some snapshots and post it in here. I would love to see it.

I am green with envy! I just adore John Doyle. Now I'll have to get familiar with Liz Carroll, too. Thanks for the information, Doug. I agree with WWM. "I wish being closer to Victoria BC, though... (sigh!).... LOL
Thanks for the sheet music link Ferris. I see a couple of players that I know in there...One is from Victoria plays in a great New Grass group called "The Bills" formerly "The Bill Hilly Band" This is their MySpace I would highly recommend them, all very very good players, and great entertainers.
Thanks for the great recommendations! Unless it's on LI, or I go to a concert, I don't know who's good, etc. I really, really appreciate this blog and all your musical insights. It helps me buy the music I REALLY want!

Liz Carroll My space website...a selection of tunes and photos
This discussion definitely needs an update.... ;-)
Woe is me WWM, I did not get to see the show...I did not get back from San Diego until Sunday I missed it entirely. The very high cost of putting bread on the table...culturally speaking.
So out of compassion for my own feelings, I should deep six this discussion, cause I know I will be green with envy if anyone else posts in here having seen them on this tour. lol
Wish me better luck next time. Cheers, element
Dear Element...
We were all green with envy...! All of us..!!!
I would really like to hear about that concert.
Both are now on tour in USA, on their way toward the East coast...
So maybe a more fortunate LI member will have the privilege to see and report...!
Nevertheless... Try again... and Better luck next time...! ;-)
an other green... i really love John Doyle. Not familiar with Liz Carroll but that's MY loss it seems.
Evolaine, she is a very fine fiddler. You can hear a sample of her playing at the following link. The tune is Lost in the Loop on a Green Linnet Sampler.

Green Linnet

Cheers, element.
Hi Évo, Hi Element, Hi Everyone...!

Few words to share all the happiness that came in through the mailbox yesterday...

YES...!!! WOO-HOO...!!! I (finally) got the cd "In Play"... Simply BRILLIANT..!!!

Évolaine, you may listen to some samplers if you want... but regarding THAT recording "Liz Carroll & John Doyle - In Play"... GO GET IT...!!!

A must in your collection.... in my humble opinion... ;-)


P.s. From now on, I will be patient and wait for your comments...! ;-)


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