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We've had 2 snow storms in the past 2 weeks and one more on the way. Tomorrow is Eric's Friday off and we're hitting the slopes! We can't wait to ski on all this new snow! And it's $20 cheaper-woohoo!

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Alexandre if you want to get free lessons come to BC..we have the best power. Not to mention that I am an instructor as well.. so take it from me when u board go " Goofy" it is easier to ride that way......but then I'll a lefty. If you check out my photo on my page you'll see me doing a 360 degree flip! Yes true the one that injured my shoulder leaving me to have surgery......shhhhh not be telling anyone that at the t ime I was showing off to a certain German man.....yes I do think he was impressed well so to speak.... enjoy the snow and go easy it way harder then skiing.
Hmmm, snow, snow? I think the last time I saw that was in 1994 when I lived in NY! We get some flurries here in the high desert and it does snow on top of the mountians at 8000 feet so we just make due with the sand.....

Wow that's cool! I haven't ski :( It must be really exciting!
I went skiing on the 27th of december last year, but it was on artificial snow, in Bottrop, Germany. The largest Indoor skiing centre in the world. I had never done it before, so at first I was a bit shakey in the knees (what a slope!), I didn't take any lessons, but just hired a suit, some boots and a pair of skis. After a bit of practising and imitating one of my friends (who goes on a wintersport holiday every year) I managed to make reasonable turns and brakes :)
oh, and it is a lot more fun if you do the après-skiing in between :D (a round of skiing - a round of drinking - a round of skiing... etc)
We took the family for our first ever ski trip atop BC's Mt Washington Jan 4&5 amidst the resorts biggest storm ever, as of this morning it became the worlds #1 ski resort for snow base this season which now stands at 380 cm! This is unusual for our island which is normally known for rainy winters. Our 4 children 7-13 loved it!
I never got to climb NH's Mt. Washington (the guide called it off due to extreme weather) back when I lived in Quechee Falls,VT,but climbed icy Mt. Lebanon instead-amazing!


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