Irish Internet Radio and TV from Dublin, Ireland.

Yes, We succumed to the unreal, but the studio will look even better than in real life. We're beside O'Connel Bridge and broadcast live in studio and at the Blarney Stone Pub. Thanks Ham Rambler!!

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Did Ferris make you do this? :) He got into 2nd life a while ago...and was hardly seen (by me) anymore on LI...
Where is this?
Ah the blarney stone... cracking place for a social! Would be great to see Liveireland there too sometime!
Hi Daithi...
not bad not bad not bad..LIVE IRELAND in SECOND LIFE....
Havent been in SL for ages. Real Life is pending me too much at the moment.
I will check the virtual studio out and see whats it like
I know the Blarney stone pub in SL pretty well. Nice spot...
Now I'll never have to leave my house or interact with real people...awesome!
Merry Christmas everyone.
that pic looks cool, I'm really scared to check out second life though, it seems really addictive!
In the LI second life I would like to be known as "His Lordship"... I am a wealthy, erudite, and stunningly handsome... I own horses... I do not work... occasssionally I volunteer my time fighting world crime. Thanks.
hmmm second life huh. Apparently I'm the only one that has not heard of it. I must need to get out more...or is it stay in more lol
Seriously tho, that looks realy cool, I bet you wish the studio did look like that!
Latest update.. We should be going live in SL very soon..more later.
Put the first touches on the Second Life LiveIreland studio today, and set the streams broadcasting. Photo's to come.
Gettin there! Looks grand.

Wow! That's very awesome! Now I definately have to check out this "second life" thing.


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