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Have you lived or are living in Ireland or maybe thinking about it. This is the place to exchange thoughts, information, experiences or humour. Go On, Go On, Go On, Go on, You Will, You Will, You Will!

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I expected such a reaction to the 2 house thing. Daithi would have some other thoughts on the housing Market, but the thing is, I have been hearing for at least 15 years that "I should have bought a few years back" I dont think things will bottom out like it did in England, My feeling is, if you only rent it for a few years, that will be profit on top of what you sell it for.

Anyways, on the what/where to buy, I again suggest, sont just "fall in love" with one place thing. See the whole country and experience the people and ask people when you get here. What you want is so dependant upon your situation and expectations.

I agree, Bernard--which is why we'll do more traveling before we settle. I want to see Wicklow, particularly (okay, so I've seen Ballykissangel and loved the scenery!) And we've done enough traveling here in the States to know you need to get a feel for the place over time before judging. I do appreciate the advice, too. If we win that lottery....
A friend of mine from Germany, (another german) lived in Ireland, Dublin for several years. Her skill sets/degrees weren't so swell and so as a call center person she didn't make hardly enough money to survive - and she has always been SO frugal back in Germany when she made somewhat more money. With higher prices, lets just hope wages came up somewhat too otherwise I don't see how it can sustain....
I've had a friend in similar circumstances; moved to Ireland but is living on the continent because of the cost and difficulty in finding jobs. Dublin area is particularly high, from all accounts.
We have traveled around Ireland over the years. I would prefer the west, Mayo or Donegal, but we will probably end up renting in several different areas before buying and settling down. Dublin is the one place I have never considered living in--even more so now with the cost. Lovely place to visit, Dublin, but I am not a big city person.
All i can say is pick a GAA team thats good then move there not only will you live in a nice place but cause they're a good team you get to buy a jersey and not feel embarrassed to wear it and you get to go up to Dublin when your team does well thats if you dont choose to live in Dublin so its a win win but honestly to experience some of the culture i suggest you do either go to Croke Park and experience the more skanger and culchie (dunno if i spelt culchie right but nevermind) side of ireland or go to the same place to watch the rugby and experience the D4 side of life ie the ppl who say Loike and Roight wanna b posh ppl with range rovers and 'yummy mumies' hahaha either way still all gud fun!
Claire, does that mean you can get tickets to a GAA game????? I have been in Castlebar, Cork and Dublin, the weekend games were being played and could never get tickets--however, I did get to see the aftermath a good Waterford vs Cork game!!! It seemed like everyone was pretty much 7 sheets to the wind!!!!
hey tim sorry i havent wrote bk sooner i never rem to come on to this page well i used to get them for a local shop of mine but that was cause he had connections but as far as i no you can get them online my sister did i didnt think it was possible either but shes has bought them online, but i would say for the veryhigh profile games you might not be able to get them very easily online. Ok just go to this website and go to the sports catergory and a long theleft hand side it has the sports sec jus click gaa:) sorry about the delay in writing the msg:)
I was looking at houses for sale. Ok what is the difference between sterling and euro? If a house cost 165,000.00 sterling how much is that in dollars?
That would be about $341,000 US

Here's a converter on-line
Happy Christmas Every1! Im new to this but every time i come to this site im reminded why i love being from Ireland and for all its flaws i wouldnt really like to be anywhere else! Dianne I hope u do find a place in our little country u will love it! I do!
It seems that Ireland drew me even as a small child. After a very long flight it was amazing to me that as we were coming in to land it looked as if we were about to land in a pasture. There were cows calmly grazing alongside the runway. Customs wasn't to bad at either Dublin or Shannon. As we drove from Shannon to Tralee, it took a wee bit of self control not to panic what with driving on the wrong side of the road and I won't even go into the turnabouts. The country side was very beautiful...signs of history everywhere. I went in Sept. and the ditches were covered with berry plants and fuscias (few Sha). It took me awhile to actually call a wall a ditch because here iin America a ditch is a channel in the ground. So much was different. We shopped for dinner almost daily and dinner seemed to come much later than I was used to. We had a favorite pub located within the grand Hotel in Tralee. After doing the shopping we would pop into the pub. I would have a lovely pot of tea while my companions had Guiness. The first time I was offered a biscuit with my tea it took me by surprise. As it turned out it was a chocolate covered cookie...I never turned one down again. I loved shopping at Dunnes and Aldi's. When I was trying to find substitutions for ingredients for something I wanted to cook the clerks were more than helpful. I absolutely fell in love with the bread...all sorts of it! One of our favorite things to do was drive the 8 miles to Bally Haigue, Banna or Fenit. We would pack buttered bread, ham and a thermos of coffee..maybe some fruit or creme filled donuts (addicting). For dinner we learned to make bacon and cabbage, irish stew, chicken Kiev. irish breakfasts are not for light eaters btw. Rashers =bacon, the sausage is a bit more ham like in flavor and fresh fish was readily available. I never could bring myself to try the black or white pudding though. I could write on and on about Ireland. I was blessed to be able to live in Tralee for 6 months. It was awesome...and from the moment I arrived it felt like home, even with the differences.Irish


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