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so what type's of bodhran does everybody play??/ synthetic skin? goatskin, tuneable?, nontuneable?, 14", 18", 20"????? 3 1/2" deep, 7" deep?????

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so does this mean I can't chat with you about bodhrans any more??????? I mean he,("Ringo"), is a "decent bodhran player", but I am probably better(:
Of course I'm only kidding-- Hope your day is going well
oh, thanks... my day was great: searching for goats, hunting goats, killing goats... ...the drab monotony of everyday live *ggg*
yea, yea--making bodhrans, selling bodhrans, being a craftsman in demand--listening to music, making music--what more could one ask for? well maybe someone else to do the goat hunting for you(:


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