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We just reached the 3000 milestone. Congratts to Paul Kain winner of a Genst Mystery of Ireland Ring and 5 CDs from Claddagh.

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I'm amazed it's only 3000! well, a bit more than that now, but I feel like the word is finally spreading fast and the rate of new listeners/users is growing ever faster.
Im new to LiveIreland, but I am already addicted, I love it. Hi , my name is Donna, and I am from California. Although I live in the United States, my heart and soul will always belong in Ireland. I'm anxious to meet alot of new friends on LiveIreland, so if there's anyone out there who wants to be friends......I'm here, ok? bye for now.

Hi, Donna,
Welcome to LiveIreland. It's been a great source of music and friends. I live in Derry, Northern Ireland although originally from the States, so I know what you mean about your heart and soul belonging in Ireland. It's nice to live body, soul and heart all in one place!

Hope to hear from you some time!
Mary in Derry
Anyone out there from Belfast?????????
I'm not from Belfast, but am willing to be friends and maybe chat sometimes. My name is Donna, and I am from California in the US. I hope to one day live in Ireland.
Hi, Marie, I'm just down the road from you in Derry!
Hey name is Donna. I live in the United States in California, and I am new to Live Ireland. I am anxious to hear and learn all I can about Ireland, or even just talk and be friends....whatever you want. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wow 300 members plus and counting!!! I love this site! I am from nevada right now, indian and cali mixed in. I am acording to my hubby though a welshman at heart.
hmmm I can be so airheaded at time i thik I meant 3000 not 300 lol
Hi all from Dublin.
Wonder what the member number is now almost a year after this was posted.
Happy to be here.
Brian (


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